It is never about what might sell or what might be expected out there. It is, in fact, about certain things that demand creation. Things that patiently yet tenaciously and indefatigably keep knocking on doors until their call is answered and eventually find their pathway into our reality.

After having unintentionally ignored this spark for too long, after having learnt to really listen, I finally understand what flow truly means - not rationally, not itellectually, but wholistically. I am deeply grateful for the continuous inspiration translating into the output I am able to share with the world.

I released my debut, To Hell With Tradition in April 2020, Stitches in June 2021, Blurred in August 2022 and Blind Spots on October 6th 2023. I am currently in the preproduciton phase for my 5th album, and once I am able to share a timeline, I will make sure to make it known.